Torres admirer web site

Fernando Jose Torres Sanz was born in Fuenlabrada in Spain on March 20th, 1984. He is some sort of famous footballer who plays for the Liverpool club within the EPL in England and then for his country Spain. He plays inside position of a striker. Fernando Torres' career was started using the soccer club of Athletico Madrid. He played his first match to the club during the year 2001. He played over 170 matches with the club and scored exactly 75 goals. He was becoming a star within the world of football. And after he'd joined inside the Football club of Liverpool in 2007 his status became higher and. Liverpool paid a tremendous amount of money, the record for the club, for transferring him to their team. Fernando Torres has become the fastest footballer gain 50 goals within the good reputation for Liverpool club during the year 2009.

He has took part in numerous international tournaments for Spain such as the FIFA world cup as well as the UEFA Euro. Fernando Torres has earned plenty of fans all over the world website by his football anf the husband can be another nice person. The fans of Torres created many fan sites for him on the net. Those sites pour in news of Torres' football life and private life. And these internet sites are of his fans. Any details about Fernando Torres will come in those web sites. People can easily signing in to the telltale sites because today many have computers within their homes. The life good reputation for Fernando Torres is clearly illustrated in the biography.

For people who collect pictures of Torres a few large variety of his images both off and on the area. Pictures that people never even seen before are posted there. And some videos of highlights of his games can also be loaded. The personal videos of Torres are posted inside sites which mostly are given by Torres himself. During his leisure times he visits these fan sites and comments something. The websites conduct weekly and daily polls online about Torres or his game. In these internet sites the fans are able to speak with the other person for expressing their views and opinions and for sharing their thoughts. For transforming into a member of the fan sites you need to simply join those websites and commence blogging.

The Torres fan site started for him provides all of the information's along with the biography of him along with his full history which can be viewed by any one his fan anytime.

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